GP Forms

GP 2: Payment Voucher GP3A: Imprest Receipt Form GP4: Salary Voucher
GP7: File Movement Card (Transit Cards) GP8: Subsistence Allowance & Travelling Expense Claim GP13: Journal Voucher
GP22A: Authority To Transfer Salary GP22B: Authority To Uplift Salary GP26A: Wages Pay Sheet
GP26B: Wages Record Sheet GP28: Government Vehicle Accident Report Form GP29: Bank Lodgement Book
GP31: Departmental Warrant GP51: Pay In Slip GP58: Schedule of Discrepancies
GP59: Schedule Of Unserviceable Items GP62: Medical Examination Of Candidates for Employment GP70: Stores Ledger Tally Card
GP75: Motor Drivers Daily Running Sheet GP76: Requisition for receipt and Licence Book GP77: Receipt For Licence Book
GP81: Personal History Card GP86: Requisition For Stores GP88: Expenditure Ledger Summary
GP89: Expenditure Ledger GP89A: Underline Account Ledger GP91: Local Purchase Order
GP92: Imprest Cash Book GP94: Certificate Of Service GP96: Revenue Collectors Cash Book
GP97: Leave Schedule GP104: Bank Lodgment Form GP117: Commitment Ledger
GP118A: Subject File Cover (Brown) GP118B: Personal File Cover (Yellowish white) GP118C: Confidential File Cover (Red)
GP 136: Delivery Book GP167: Minute Paper A5 GP167: Minute Paper A4
GP169: Attendance Register GP170: Inwards/Outwards Register GP171: T3 Wages Register
GP173: Urgent File “Tag GP182: Immediate File Tag GP183: Vehicle Log Book
GP185: Non Expendable Ledger (Inventory Book) GP190: Dispatch Book GP801: FS01-Employee Detail Maintenance
GP802: FS02-Manual pay Entry GP803: FS03-Employee Allowances & Deductions GP804: FS04-Timesheet Data Entry