Acts No.1 – No.20 of 2021

Act 1  High Court (Amendment) 2021
Act 2 Criminal Procedure (Amendment) 2021
Act 3  Cybercrime Act
Act 4  National Payment System Act
Act 5 Investment Act
Act 6  Public Health (Amendment)Act
Act 7  Fiji Revenue and Customs Service(Amendment) Act
Act 8 Customs Tariff (Amendment) Act
Act 9  Electoral (Amendment) Act
Act 10 Electoral (Registrations of Voters)(Amendment) Act
Act 11 Political Parties (Registrations,Conduct,Funding and Disclosures)(Amendment) Act
Act 12  2021-2022 Appropriation Act
Act 13 Customs (Budget Amendment) Act
Act 14  Customs Tariff (Budget Amendment) Act
Act 15  Value Added Tax (Budget Amendment) Act
Act 16  Environment and Climate Adaptation Levy (Budget Amendment) Act
Act 17 Gambling Turnover Tax (Budget Amendment) Act
Act 18  Fiji National Provident Fund(Budgment Amendment)Act
Act 19  Employment Relations (Budget Amendment) Act
Act 20  Tertiary Scholarship and Loans (Budget Amendment) Act