Our Brief History

Serendib Investment PTE Ltd hereafter SIL, formerly known as the Government Printing and Stationery Department (GPSD) was established in the year 1883 by her majesty the queen of England for the purpose of officiating all government publications. In January 18th 2019, GPSD was finally bought together with the Education Resource Center (ERC) by the parent company of Fijian Holding Limited and Aitken Spence of Sri Lanka. Hence, GPSD was re-registered as a company with the new name as Serendib Investment PTE Ltd. The company is professionally managed by Aitken Spence PLC.

Aitken Spence is one of Sri Lanka’s leading businesses with substantial investments in Hotels, Travel, Maritime Services, Logistic Solutions, Plantations, Insurance, Financial Services, IT, Printing and Garments. The Company also has a 51% shareholding in Fiji Ports Terminal Limited which was acquired under a public private partnership venture with Fiji Ports Cooperation Limited. Currently four specialist’s staff is controlling the operations of all printing and management of Serendib Investment Pte Limited

The departments’ best known products prior to the implementation of economic and financial reforms in the early 20s’ were the printing and distribution of school text books, general election rolls, black cover laws of Fiji, ballot papers, school external exam papers, school exercise books and stationeries, arrival cards, emergency passports, parliamentary debates, secret cabinet papers, uniform parliamentary papers, annual reports, government gazettes, bills, acts, supplements to name official diary, and calendar to name a few.

SIL or the former GPSD has its unique footprints in every home, private companies and public office through long term quality print finish and hard binding products such as the Black cover laws of Fiji, repair of bibles and other books.

Serendib Investment Pte Limited is financially viable company and currently in the process of extending its roots to other modes of printing. With our vast knowledge and our ability to produce the deliverables within the designated timeframe as stipulated by the Management, we will look after your firm and will provide you with the best services if this tender is given to us. We specifically source our raw materials from the best suppliers from China to ensure that our printing papers are of top notch quality and of International Standard.

SIL has its own bookshop located together with the printing press and have been serving the whole of Fiji and smaller pacific island countries in the past thirty five years to date.